Annual Rock Concert Fundraiser for Teller Elementary in Denver


“It’s hard to believe a band like POPCULT hails from the American Midwest (Denver, CO). With sounds nostalgic of alternative brit-pop in its heyday (e.g. young Coldplay, early Muse), one would assume the band originated overseas, where they’d at least be old enough to buy a drink.”

Upon listening, immediately obvious is their commitment to musical integrity – writing for themselves sans obligations to popular culture.

Frontman Justin Renaud explains:
“The best thing about making music rather than listening to it is creating exactly what you want to hear. It’s making something that you’ve been wanting to hear for so long, but nobody can quite communicate it the same way you can. So yeah, In a way it’s self-gratification. But I’m always my toughest critic, so the quest to write a perfect song never ends.”

And that’s just what the 19 year old visionaries are doing.

The band started in late 2010 backing Denver based electro outfit ‘The Chain Gang of 1974,’ recording demos in the back of a tour van. Months later, Renaud and his bandmate Tyler Venter decided to focus on their own project. After a very successful digital release of their debut EP last July, (with over 1000 downloads in the first two months) they’ve managed to stir up some attention in their hometown. Now a four-piece, the band has already started pre-production on their second release. the best part:

“It will be free. I’ve always wanted to give away music for free. And now that we all have day jobs, we can afford to do that.”