Annual Rock Concert Fundraiser for Teller Elementary in Denver


Conceived in 2004 by music-loving Teller parents, the event has grown into this east Denver elementary school’s biggest fundraiser.

But this event is not your typical school fundraiser. Don’t expect kid music. Expect everything under the sun music. And while, yes, kids are welcome – Tellerpalooza shows what makes Teller special. Parents that enjoy a great time, great music and each other.

Early in the evening, the stage features the Teller DPS (Denver Public Schools) student band comprised of elementary school peers. Later, students head home to babysitters; parents and local fans stay into the night. Downstairs, families may watch a performance from the Buntport Theater group, and play games together. Tellerpalooza will also go old-school with the ever-present bake sale – or if wine is more to your liking, participate in the “Wall of Wine” drawing and you may bring home a large box of assorted favorites donated by Teller parents.

Basically, come, hang out, plan to HAVE FUN.